August 19, 2015


What's the time,? I muttered sleepily.
I groaned aloud.
What do you want it to be, he asked.
What do you want it to be, I asked.

And then it struck me. This cycle of musings on the past or wanting for the future, but not living in the now and the present.

Live in the moment. 'Tis all you got.

November 10, 2014

Just a growth spurt.

Abigail your angel of a cousin; she was having quite the tantrum. She was cranky and irritated and just seemed more needy, 'twas weird.

And then I heard the term for the first time in my twenty eight years of living: 'Oh, don't worry too much about Abigail - she's just having a growth spurt.'

Apparently what happens is that babies have a growth spurt either when there is a physical development spurt. Mothers swear that their children literally grow overnight.
More importantly, these symptoms announce other developmental advances like rolling over, crawling, walking or talking. 
It's actually a thing.
There's a ton of tell-tale signs - these babies are cranky, they're hungrier, fussier, sleepier.
It's a thing. Get over it.

What I realized though is that the adults, we adults go through the exact same thing. 
There are times when life throws at us way more than we think we can handle - And we? We display similar signs - we get crankier, we hibernate more cos dear heavens; we can't face the universe, we are hungrier (I know I am when I'm having an existential crisis) and boy, are we more fussy.

And yet, all we need to remember is that it is a growth spurt. And it'll pass.
We're growing.
We're going through a developmental advance. It's a milestone, a landmark, a celebratory occasion.

We're growing.